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Arc Flashlight Arc LSH 3W TWAK Luxeon Star Customized Flashlight Review

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The story about this one is not very original. I saw the light on CPF, here's reference thread, and decided to buy it. Eventually I ended up with 561mAmp TWAK bin LED powered Arc LS. By that time I've already owned Arc 4+, but given the size factor I was interested in Arc LS twistie. Besides that was the original pocket light that sort of defined Arc flashlights. Ok, Arc AAA was the first one, but Arc LS was the first Luxeon powered light anyway. Besides, customized Arc LS was a lot more attractive. CG did excellent work customizing this light. Improvement was clear, more powerful LED - 3W vs. 1W in the original configuration, visually quite a bit more "eye catching", let alone all other improvements that are becoming standard for better LED flashlights, those would be a reflector and UCL.


 - Arc LS line was probably kind of signature flashlight. Well, arguably it was Arc AAA, but to me and perhaps many other flashaholics it was more high end, sophisticated flashlight and more versatile as well. Body of Arc LS is a simple cylindrical barrel. Arc LS came in various switch configurations. Standard configuration included kroll switch. The one I got is shorter version with a twistie. Basically I was looking for the most compact configuration, and that's the one. However, eventually I found that it was not very convenient EDC, at least the way I carry those flashlights, in small jeans pocket. Simply put, it was too thick or fat if you will. Because of that I didn't carry it around too much, even though I did like overall look and feel of the flashlight, let alone very good white beam.
Major feature making this light distinctive was the polished body. It looked so much better than the standard olive green color. Well, you can see on the pictures for yourself.


 - No complaints there. Very nice, white and pretty strong beam. For the flashlight of that size it was excellent. Also, having a reflector instead of optics helped considerably. I am referring to resulting spot evenness. Nice, well defined hotspot and smooth corona. Besides the light came with ICL already installed. So, as you can see it was packed with all goodies one would or could wish for his pocket light. Beam on the fresh CR123 battery from 3 watt Luxeon Star LED measured around ~750 Lux from 1 meter. Very good result indeed.


 - That was as simple as it gets. Turn the twistie to the left, light is on. Turn it right, it is off. Other than that no complicated working modes. Of course it would've been nice to have 2-3 more levels but in the end that wasn't the most important factor for that flashlight anyway.

Arc 4+ & Arc LS 3W TWAK Arc 4+ & Arc LS 3W TWAK Arc LS 3W TWAK Arc LS 3W TWAK

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Last updated - 05/06/19