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Nuwai S1704 1w LED Luxeon Star Flashlight Review

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Nuwai S1704

The moment I saw this neat, pocket sized, sturdy flashlight I knew I had to have it. S1704 is made by Nuwai, which is Taiwanese company. US distributor, or at least one of them is GoldenGadgets.com. You can also find plenty of S1704s on the eBay. To be honest I wanted to modify this flashlight by installing 3 watt Luxeon in it. The plan is still on, except removing the head became problematic. Originally it was no big deal, you could simply unscrew the bezel, however apparently later Nuwai changed their mind, donno why. Currently the bezel is sealed using loctite or something similar and removing the bezel without damaging the flashlight isn't a trivial routine. I have some ideas to check, so I'll post an update later. For now the head is wherever it was, can't unscrew it :(


 - S1704 is pocket size, 1 watt luxeon flashlight. Overall it's plenty bright for small areas and close up works. Flashlight has aluminum body, that is fairly thick, and the barrel is knurled to provide secure grip. Not that I have problems with other flashlights, but anyway, the grip is more secure if it's so important to you. If your hands are wet or oily it won't slip even if you apply significant force. Donno why would you do that, i.e. start applying significant forces to your flashlight, but judging from my experience with CRK Project II knife and generally CRK one piece line knives those have the same knurled handle, I can say that will be the case.
    Flashlight measures 4 3/4" in length and 1 1/4" in diameter. As you can see it's too big for the keychain, but otherwise it's a small flashlight, making it convenient for pocket or belt carry. I've had no problems handling this light, not too small and comfy. Power source consists of 2 CR123 batteries. Which are on the expensive side. Although runtime is good, 12 hours of continuous runtime off of 2 cells. I am not sure if this light is regulated or not, so I can't tell what kind of performance you will get out of it. It may dim gradually, or vice versa, keep constant brightness for long time and then drop gradually(although fast).


 - S1704 is operated by single tailswitch. Click it and the light is on, click one more time the light is off. Switch is rubber and as far as I understand waterproof. Interesting detail, all Nuwai flashlights sport reversed momentary action switch. That is you have to turn the light on first, and then if you press the switch half way it'll go off, release the switch, light will be back on. Donno why they do it this way, normal momentary on/off switch is a lot more natural and quite a few people get confused and think there is no momentary switch on this light at all. There is, but kindda weird one. Well, eventually you may think it's better ;) I don't think so though.


 - It is very tightly focused. Which makes is less useful as a small flood light. Basically there is one bright hotspot surrounded with really dim circle. For comparison TnC Hyper Lux I produces a lot more sidespill yet has brighter hotspot too. Measured from 1 M S1704 produced 700 Lux, falling slightly behind of Lambda Illuminator HD Pro and more noticeable was the difference with Hyper Lux I, which produces 1091 Lux from 1 meter. Both, Lambda and Hyper Lux have a lot more sidespill and better brightness in the hotspot. Although I can't complain about the quality of the flashlight in general.
    As you can see S1704 is a solid performer, though could've been better :) Apparently the light was made for the throw, not for flood light. So, if you have some high ceilings to inspect, S1704 is your ticket.

   In the end I do like this flashlight. I haven't given up on my modding plans, and sooner or later I'll do it, or destroy it trying ;) I think with 3 watt Luxeon it will perform much better, even if underdrivern. I'll update this page as I progress on this experiment.

Last updated - 05/06/19