Crucible CPM 3V Knife Steel
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CPM 3V(Crucible) - Introduced in 1997. It's predecessor was now discontinued Vasco Die steel. SImply put, CPM 3V is a PM version of the Vasco Die steel. CPM 3V is one of the toughest tool steels available, especially interesting considering its high wear resistance. In other words, there are other tougher tool steels, AISI S1 steel for example, but none that have comparable wear resistance. CPM 3V also has 7.5% which definitely helps with corrosion resistance, although it is not a stainless steel. Initially, when the steel was new, Knife Steel FAQ stated it'd develop pitting instead of the surface rust. More recent tests show the opposite, even after prolonged exposure to the elements, CPM 3V didn't develop pitting, just a surface rust. I suppose, if left outside in aggressive environment, CPM 3V would eventually develop pitting, but not before or in place surface rust. When maximum toughness is required, combined with very good wear resistance, 3V is a great choice. CPM 3V also works very well for small fixed blades and folders are high hardness 62-64HRC. Edge stability is very high even at 63HRC, because of its high toughness, and you won't have edge dulling due to microchipping, which does happen for many alloys at that hardness.

Manufacturing Technology - CPM

Country - United States(US)

Known Aliases:
Crucible - 3V, Crucible - PM7.5-1.3-2.75CrMoV

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