Hitachi Aogami Super Knife Steel
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Aogami Super(Hitachi) - Ref. Kitchen Knife Steel FAQ - Hitachi high carbon steel, specifically developed for tools and knives. Aogami Super Steel Composition. Another solid performer from Aogami family. This one has highest wear resistance and lowest toughness of three. I have Takeda cleaver and Deba in Aogami super. Both exhibit very good edge holding, and Deba is just fine crushing chicken bones. Both knives are hardened to 61HRC. Later I've picked up Moritaka Chinese Cleaver, in Aogami Super, at 65HRC. Excellent edge holding with very thin edge, 10 deg. per side. Ref - Aogami 1, Aogami 2 And Aogami Super steel comparison chart.

Manufacturing Technology - Ingot

Country - Japan(JP)

Known Aliases:
Hitachi - Blue Super

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