STAS 55NiCrMoV7 Knife Steel
Composition Analysis Graph, Equivalents And Overview

Version 4.36
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55NiCrMoV7(STAS) - Originally a bandsaw steel. Very tough and easy to forge, with good wear resistance. Rusts easily. As SAE J438b standard code states:
Mn may be in higher percentage than shown;
Mo and V are optional, as the steels have found satisfactory application with or without those two elements.
Obviously, for knife applications presence of both elements is beneficial.

Manufacturing Technology - Ingot

Country - Romania(RO)

Known Aliases:
STAS - 55MoCrNi16, STAS - 55VMoCrNi16

NOTE - Approximate composition based on manufacturer's or standard reference information and other alloys in the same reference group is shown.

* - Listed as an equivalent or replacement for alloys in this group.

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