DMT Diafold® Diamond Double Sided Knife Sharpener Reviews

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DMT Diafold® Extra Coarse/Coarse

 - The coarsest of all Diafold® sharpeners. Folding, pocket size sharpener. Exact model - DMT-FWCX. Black side is extra coarse and blue is coarse. Respective grits - 220/320. I hardly ever use it at home, because if I ever have to remove that much metal from any knife then I go to whetstones. Because those are much larger, the whole process takes less time. On the other hand, whenever I need to sharpen outside, like camping trip, or when I am visiting my friends, and I know I have to sharpen a few knives, this is one of the most used sharpeners. Non-knife people tend to let their blades dull significantly, or completely. Plus due to the time constraints, I need to put the edge fast, before the party starts... Overall, it's a good, portable sharpener, just use it cautiously. Coarse grits mean that you can easily remove too much metal and damage the knife. Alternatively, coarse grit also means bigger diamond crystals in the matrix, too much pressure and you'll break those out easily. Black side gets used pretty rarely, unless I see significant edge damage or a very dull knife.

DMT Diafold® Coarse/Fine

 - This one is a mid range. Folding, pocket size sharpener. Exact model - DMT-FWFC. Blue is coarse, red is fine. Respective grits - 320/600. Pretty much must have, once I am not home and I need to sharpen. Especially the knives that aren't mine, as usual those are quite dull. Versatile tool. Works well for the knives that are dull, with no significant edge damage. Removes minor and medium chips, rolls and dents very fast. Also good enough to redefine primary bevel and cut secondary, if necessary. Red side is for further edge refinement, i.e. actual sharpening. Requires water as usual.

DMT Diafold® Fine/Extra Fine

 - Used to be the finest DMT Diafold® before they introduced Diafold® with ceramic side. Folding, pocket size sharpener. Exact model - DMT-FWEF. Red is fine, green is extra fine. Respective grits - 600/1200. Another one always in the bag when I have to sharpen outside of my house. As usual this is the last step before I switch to ceramic sharpeners. If the edge is in reasonable shape, I proceed with fine and then with green. If it's somewhat sharp, then start with green. Obviously, this all is subjective and what you consider dull, sharp or somewhat sharp is your personal judgment. Use with water, just like any other DMT diamond sharpener.

Diafold® Serrated Diamond Sharpener

 - Foldable and pocketable, conical shaped sharpener(the bottom of the photo). Excellent implement for serration sharpening. In other words, that's the guy to sharpen your bread and most of the serrated knives. Obviously, it can't sharpen those tiny teeth found on some tomato knives or on the Cold Steel Gunsite Folder, or Cold Steel Voyager Folder. Other than that, for normal serrations it works fast and it is effective. I've used it on various knives, including Benchmade 710HSSR, Global G-9 Bread knife and lately for the monster 320mm Gude Bread Knife. Works just about perfect. The other sharpener that could sharpen the serrations was Spyderco Sharpmaker 204 system. I prefer Diafold® because it cuts metal faster. This particular model comes in three flavors, Coarse, Fine, Extra Fine. The one I have is the fine grit. Overall, I've very happy with its performance. As usual, you need some water on it, and rinse once in a while, during the sharpening process, that's about it.

Last updated - 05/19/19