Puma 230370 - Commando Folding Knife Review

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Puma 230370, Military Series - Commando

I guess this is one of those, "Classic" folders. Stainless steel blade(don't know what kind, I think something like 440C?), with black finish - so called gun blued. Looks ok, quality isn't that great as it appeared to me few years ago. Measurements - Closed 5", blade 3-3/4".
    This one was hard to get ;) The only place I found this knife was Internet Knifecenter. Even there was a note that You may have to wait up to 2 months >:O. I really don't know what's so special with this knife, looks nice(for the classic), performs ok, other than that, have no clue ;) Quite a few guys wanted to buy this one from me, donno why, these days, it can be purchased at Internet Knifecenter easily :).

According to the advertisement: Puma Commando comes with cordura belt pouch. I got mine with nothing, just a box. I have it already a year. Reasonable edge holding for this type of knife. Resharpened by me only once, however mostly I cut only paper and plastic. However you can't disassemble this knife for cleaning at least. The blade developed vertical and horizontal play, even though I have never used it for anything but opening envelopes. Made of god knows what steel, and the edge is quite thick :) In short I don't use it for quite long time, and very less likely I'll ever will.

Last updated - 05/19/19

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