Benchmade 707 Sequel
Folding Knife review

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Benchmade 707 Sequel Folding Knife

The story is that I haven't bought any new Benchmade knives for a while. Not that I have lost interest in knives, not at all. Just they haven't come up with new designs that'd interest me. So, finally in spring 2005 when I saw the Sequel, I knew right there and then that was then one I had to have :) So, I bought it from gpknives. That is, after confirming that the Sequel had thinner handles compared to BM 705 which was its[705] main drawback in my opinion. Although, judging from the reaction on various knife forums that was what lots of people felt about BM 705 too. Also, the Sequel featured aluminum handles with G10 inserts. Another preferred option for me. I've mentioned in other reviews numerous times that I prefer metal handles on folding knives. Thus I had more than one reason to buy this knife and as usual one is enough.


 - Blade comes in the usual Benchmade packaging. Which is the famous blue box with BM logo on it. Although, unlike most of the BM knives the Sequel came with pouch. I, Personally don't have any use for those, but overall for storage it is perhaps a good option. Initial inspection of the knife didn't show any problems. Fit and finish were top notch. Axis lock action was smooth, and so was the blade. No scratches, dimples or any other blemishes were detected, although I was not expecting any :)
Overall, 707 as the name suggests is a sequel to earlier McHenry & Williams design - 705. Apparently they (or Benchmade) did listen to their customers and designed this knife with a thinner handle. Obviously it's always nice to know that customers opinions are heard and taken into account. Sequel does have few upgrades (in my opinion) over 705 design. That includes aluminum handles, although for many this is rather con that a pro, and mainly its beefier blade. The new blade design I do like more than 705 blade geometry. In the end, 707 is a fine pocket knife. Capable of handling light and probably medium cutting chores with ease. Knife has very solid feel, partly because of the metallic handles I guess, but overall it is a sturdy piece.
Although dimension-wise 707 is practically the same as 705 it is slightly wider and thinner as I've mentioned above. All that makes is more comfortable pocket carry than 705. Mainly due to lesser thickness, which is important if you carry that type of knife in small jeans pocket, like I do. Well, since my other pockets are occupied with larger folders such as Lochsa and BM 710 Axis.


 - One of the major improvements of 707 over 705 I consider to be the blade. It's wider, has more belly and more spearpoint geometry. Because overall blade length is small, the extra width is important, as is the extra belly. You get more cutting edge simply put. Also, blade thickness was increases slightly, 0.1" on 705 vs. 0.12" on Sequel. It is unlikely that you'd have to seriously pry with the blade this small, but still, it's a stronger blade overall. The only thing is I don't really like 154CM steel. it had rather a spotty performance record for me, but later Benchmade seemed to improve it, at least in the chipping department. Still, I'd rather have diferent steel in there, but alas, I am not the maker. For the reference - 154CM Steel Composition.

Sharpening job was the usual Benchmade style, which would be sharp, rough edge. And as usual I will end up resharpening the edge to a thinner angle, and higher polish finish. I don't really like rough edges on small folders, though to be fair coarse edges do have their advantages over polished ones, especially for slicing. Anyway, matter of taste. In my experience I do more push cutting with folders anyways. Apparently because it's all rather delicate stuff I cut with them.


 - I like the handle ergonomics of the Sequel more that 705. Somehow to me it resembles 710 more than 705. And 710 is one of my all time favorite folding knives. I already managed to use the Sequel for prolonged cutting session. As usual those sort of things are pretty tiring with small knives. Mainly because small handle and small blade which results in more movement. Well, all I can say Sequel handle was very comfy for prolonged use too. Blade felt secure all the time, even when I had to exert significant force when making a cut. In that regard 707 is a clear winner amongst small blades such as BM 705, BM 770, CUDA EDC. I already commented about aluminum handles and in other reviews I mentioned objections people are having against them, mainly about cold weather. Well, I still live in SF Bay area, so that cold never became a problem to me, and I still think if it's that cold outside one should be using gloves :) Therefore, my opinion is handle on 707 is just fine. If like aluminum handles then this one will definitely make you happy.

Don't forget to check out Sequel Image Gallery :)


  • Steel: 154CM Stainless Steel (58-60 HRC);
  • Blade: 75mm (2.95")
  • Thickness - 2.54mm
  • OAL: 170mm (6¾") Closed: 96.5mm (3.8");
  • Weight: 74g (2.60oz.);
  • Handle: 6061-T6 Aluminum with G10 Inlays/double 410 stainless steel liners;
  • Lock Mechanism: Axis lock (U.S. Patent #5737841);
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime;
  • Acquired - 05/2005 Price - 101.00$

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