Allen Elishwitz Damascus
Folding Knife Review

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Damascus Mokume Tactical Folder

Although I've heard about Allen Elishewitz many times before & I own quite a few Benchmade knives, and several of them were designed by Allen, Nimravus & Nimravus Cub, Dark Star, I've met him personally at BAKCA 2000 annual knife show, where the another famous person in the knife world, Jim O'Young, the maker of Speed-Tech Synergy knives was helping Allen :). Well, it was very nice & interesting to chat with Allen & Jim about knives & future projects, especially that I was awaiting for a few projects from them ;)
    As I have already mentioned Allen Elishewitz is one of those custom maker that practically every knife enthusiast knows of ;) His designes are used by some large knife companies, such as Benchmade, Mission Knives. Besides he has military background of Recon Marine apparently contributes to the fact that his tactical and utility knives are so popular ;). For more information you can check his web site -
    Now about the knife, well, I don't have much to say, it's a beauty :) Damascus blade, tactical folder, mokume handles. This is an art knife, not an user, though the blade is razor sharp :), something that you would wear on your tux.


 - Knife is done with the great attention to every detail. Fit and finish are just excellent. The knife feathures set of the qualities characteristic to Allen's knives, such as: a massive 1/4" heat-treated stainless steel pivot pin(an exclusive design by Allen), the polished pivot hole and nylatron washers provide a very smooth action, the ambidextrous stainless steel opening studs were designed by Allen too, really comfortable, here's a close-up of that, even after playing with if for a few hours :), decorated, colored aluminum spacer gives a real nice look to the knife. Lock up is rock solid and locking bar is comfortable to operate with. The handle looks just beautiful, though comfortability and ergonomics are not compromised by any means.
    The blade has that distinctive shape from Allen :) Drop point, razor sharp, damascus blade looks just beaufitul, yet very tactical :).
    Overall, this is a beautiful peace of knife art, one could admire it for hours - the design and craftsmanship, both are at the very high level :).

Last updated - 05/19/19