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TnC 5 Watt Hyper Lux V Green/Black Splash Anodized Flashlight Review

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TnC 5 Watt Hyper Lux V

As I've mentioned in my review of the Hyper Lux I, in summer 2003 TnC Custom Products started offering Hyper Lux I, which was a very neat looking 1 watt luxeon star flashlight and longer version of it, which was 5 watt luxeon star flashlight, designated for diving. At the time, 5 watt LED cooling problems prevented that 5 watter flashlight from being used as a normal utility flashlight. But I guess Chris didn't want to give up on this promicing design and apparently customers bugged him too. Anyway, few months later when I checked back with TnC they had 5 watter for sale, and Chris confirmed that cooling problems have been resolved :) Therefore I could use above water to. In other words it's just another very cool flashlight from TnC and you can use it as a normal flashlight.


 - Hyper Lux V body is made of aluminum, Basically it's the same body as in HLI, except the handle is longer, because it's housing 3 CR123 cells versus 2 in HLI. Anodization is different too. This time I've picked up Green/Black splash anodized flashlight. Longer handle makes this flashlight more convenient to me. HLI is a bit short for my larger paws. HLV it kust fine. For today that's the smallest 5 watt LED flashlight I own. And one of th ebrightest too. I don't have the specs, but 3 CR123 cells should provide reasonable runtime.
    Since the body is the same except the length, I guess I don't have to repeat what I've already said about it in Hyper Lux I review ;)
    Operating Hyper Lux V in default configuration is same as in HLI. The same twist head mechanism, twist the handle or head to one side, light is on, another side, light is off. However TnC for now offers Pushbutton tail-cap switches, which is sold separately. In my opinion it is wel worth buying. I got it for Hyper Lux V, and after using it for a few days I've decided to buy the same pushbutton tail-cap for my HLI. Very convenient, no need to use two hands to turn the light on/off. Although, you can't use your flashlight in a candle mode, meaning standing on the tail. Here is a picture of HLV(left) and HLI(right) together, one with the puchbutton tail-cap, another with standard tail cap.


 - The beam quality (read - the LED quality, or color) is very good. Actually so far on every single flashlight I've got from TnC the LED quality was very good. As close to white as it gets. At least I haven't seen better white LEDs. For 5 watter HLV produces very good beam. Compared on other pictures I've seen it outshines Surefile L4, which is officially underdriven I guess, for better battery life. Anyway, for the flashlight of this size HLV packs impressive power. On my light meter(yes, I finally got one) it measured 2050 Lux from 1 meter. Which is a very good result in my book :) Definitely not a good idea to shine this light in your eyes ;) overall.

TnC Linup LuxStar V, HLV, HLI TnC Linup LuxStar V, HLV, HLI TnC 5 Watt Hyper Lux V & Hyper Lux I tailcaps

Last updated - 05/06/19