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Inretech Helios 6D Maglite Flashlight Adapter Review

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Inretech Helios Maglite adapter

I've ordered Trilight and Helios at the same time. Both are made by Inretech, a private company producing various drop-in modules for MagLite flashlights. Even though the modules look identical the light output (and battery consumption) is totally different. If the Trilight is an everyday use flashlight, in your garage or backyard, Helios is something like light canon. Considering that Helios uses 3 5W LEDs vs. 3 1W leds in Trilight the reason is obvious.


 - is identical to Trilight module. Again, the light output is better if you replace the original plastic lens with UCL(Ultra Cleat Lens). Detailed instructions are posted on Inretech website.


 - The beam of the Helios is no joke. Officially speced at 360 lumens, it has very long throw, and it is really painful if you manage to look at it. Seriously, it is way too bright to be looked at. Your eyes, you know better :) As with the trilight the beam is even, no overlapping circles from 3 different LEDs, just very bright, white spot. LEDs were carefully picked for this module I guess :) Or I was lucky. Anyways, the light color is real white, no green, no purple. And very intense. Obviously the high performance has the price to pay. Helios will deplete 6D cells in 1 hour :) However, the light output is much stronger than that of standard, incandescent 6D MagLite. In short if you need longer runtime, and more of a practical flashlight get yourself a trilight. If you want to make someone scream, or need extreme performance for short time then Helios is the way to go :). Part two is that compared to 1W leds 5W leds have shorter lifetime, only 500 hours. Obviously it is way too short compared to 100 000 hours for 1W leds, but on the other hand compare it to 18 hours of incandescent lights and you'll feel much better.

Last updated - 05/06/19