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Inretech Trilight 3D Maglite Flashlight Adapter Review

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Inretech Trilight Maglite adapter

Inretech is a private company producing various drop-in modules for MagLite flashlights. Trilight is one of the most popular and practical units in their lineup. The adapter module itself consists of aluminum(?) heatsink which is screwed into the flashlight's bulb socket, circuit board on top of it and of course the LEDs. As you could guess by the name, trilight uses three 1W Luxeon Star LEDs. So, what you get is a powerful and durable light, yet very economical compared to its incandescent counterparts.


 - It is real easy. Just disassemble your MagLite, preferably replace the original plastic lens with UCL(Ultra Cleat Lens). Then, after removing the bulb and its collar carefully screw the module in the flashlight, insert acrylic collimators, put the head back on and the light is good to go :) Just in case, instructions are posted on Inretech website.


 - Judging from my past experience with multi LED flashlights I was expecting three overlapping spots resulting in relatively uneven, somewhat circular light spot. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my expectations were totally wrong. Looking at the smooth, tight white spot on the wall, no way you could tell that it is a result of 3 separate light sources. I would guess this is attributed to collimators. The beam itself has nice, tight bright spot, and very even and quite wide sidespill. For the light of this size, throw is just fine and you still get plenty of light on the sides, in case you need more of a floodlight vs. spotlight.
    As far as the color goes this one is good. Nice, very white light, with some hint of purple, but it is much less compared to other 1w Luxeons I have. Inretech specs rate white trilight at 54 Lumens. Which is quite powerful. As far as I know you can use trilight module in 4D MagLite flashlight as well. Obviously the light lasts longer and it's brighter. I think it's not gonna void warranty or damage the circuitry. You might want to doublecheck with Inretech thought. Obviously overdriving LED will shorten its life, but considering that 1W Luxeon LED lifespan is around 100 000 hours I think you don't have much to worry about :) I myself plan to get 4D MagLite and use trilight in it. I'll post results as soon as it's done.

Last updated - 05/06/19