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Elektrolumens Tri-Star Phazer Flashlight Review

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Elektrolumens Tri-Star Phazer

Tri-Star Phazer from Elektrolumens was introduced in 2004. It was an evolution of Elektrolumens very popular Tri-star flashlight. Actually the light changed a lot to call it a simple upgrade. Visually everything looks very different. Starting from battery body and ending with the triple LED module. I can't comment more on the changes, as I have never handled the original Tri-star. However, in my opinion the new model looks better. And judging from the pictures it features larger bezel too. One more change, the Phazer uses 4 C cell batteries unlike its predecessor. Have to note overall quality, and execution on Elektrolumens flashlights are constantly improving. They look more factory made now. Although they are made in factory somewhere overseas, don't remember where exactly. Though QC is worse now. Apparently due to volume increase.
    Overall it's a very nice flashlight. Very good design, close attention to all details. One tough and sturdy piece. Did I mention it's really bright? 210 Lumens of pure white light, no joke :) And it uses C cells, easily obtainable, not too expensive. Of course it is no pocket light at that size. Nice, solid, heavy duty light, providing bright, powerful beam for hours. Overall, Phazer is designed to withstand significant impacts. Thus it can be used as an impact tool or a club if necessary.


 - Aluminum body, around 10 inches long. Body diameter ~1.25" Bezel is twice as big in diameter. After all it is housing 3 LEDs, 3W Luxeon star each. To improve the grip body has knurling which is quite aggressive, somewhere close to the knurling found on Chris Reeve one piece knives handles. I thin flashlight will be easier on your hands than the field knife, since I assume you won't be swinging your Phazer for an hour or longer, nor you're gonna chop with it :) In short, it's ok, especially if you are grip security concerned citizen. Loaded Phazer weighs quite a bit, because of the C cells I guess, and the massive bezel, but nothing worse than 4 D Maglite. Donno about 4C Maglite, never had one.


 - Phazer is quite simple to operate. Twist the tail cap all the way in, the light is on. Turn the cap left a bit, it's off. In addition to twisty mechanism Phazer has a push button as well. Although it works only as momentary on/off switch when the light is off. If it's on the button has no function. If you think that sounds strange, for example Nuwai s1704 has a pushbutton switch, that works as momentary on/off when the light is on. Depress it when the light is on, the light will go off, release the button, the light will turn back on. Anyway, back to Phazer. So, you have the light off, tail cap is slightly untwisted. Push the button, the light will turn on, release it, the light will be off. That's pretty much it. There were some complaints about the switch function, but it's better than that of XM2, though similar.


 - Short description would be bright, white and powerful. Like I said above it produces 210 lumens. On the light meter it measured ~1200 Lux from 1 meter. That may not seem all that much, but in reality the hot spot is much wider than on smaller flashlights producing 800-900 Lux from 1 meter, and the light will last a lot longer because of the more powerful power source. Interestingly, even though the Phazer utilizes 2 LEDs, the hotspot doesn't look like 3 overlapping circles. Looking at the hotspot you can hardly tell that there's more than one LED.

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Last updated - 05/06/19