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Arc-AAA UV LED Flashlight Review

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As far as I am concerned Arc-AAA line was where the Arcflashlight has started. Their oldest and most tested product. Apparently the most popular too. I personally don't really use AAA battery powered keychain size lights with 5mm LEDs, for there are a lot more powerful lights available out there in 1 watt LEDs if I need somethng compact and powerful, the best example being Arc4+. If i need small and 5mm LED powered than I stick with Photon III which is more sophisticated and compact, and Led Lenser V9 Micro compact and slick ;)
    The reson I got this flashlight was the UV light. It has no practical use as an EDC. Very dim light, and if shined into eyes it is real damaging. However for certain purposes UV lights can be useful. I am no forensics expert but as a hi tech toy UV light is a cool one. After all you can put a mark on something using your UV marker and then see it using your UV light, isn't that wonderful huh ;) Or if you're looking for scorpions in the dark room, UV light is real helpful. Checking various dollar bills is also one more thing you could do with your UV light. As you can see more than one reason to have it ;)
    For more information regarding Arc-AAA check: Arc Flashlight FAQ, and Arc Flashlight Forum on CPF.


 - Arc-AAA is 7cm(2.8") long cylinder made of aluminum and hard anodized. Ano color can vary from various editions. As usual it's black. Although I've seen green, blue, red and bronze variations. Some vere limite4d runs, some custom mods. Diameter is around 12mm(0.5"). As you can see it's not all that small or big for EDC, keychain light. Somewhere in the middle. There are people who don't mind bigger flashlights on their key chains let alone other bigger items in there, such as multitools. Anyway, as usual, it's up to you, whether you carry that thing on your keychain or in your pocket. I've tried both.


 - As I have mentioned above, this light is ultraviolet. So, there's not much to speak of the beam. It does produce some visible light, but you're not gonna use it for illumination purposes. I've mentioned above UV specific uses, and for the flashlight this small Arc-AAA does produce useful amount of UV light. For something else you'll need normal flashlight :)

Last updated - 05/06/19