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TnC 5 Watt Red Splash Anodized Flashlight Review

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TnC 5 Watt Red Splash Anodized

This gorgeous flashlight comes from TnC Custom Products. As far as the looks go, I don't have any other flashlight that'd look as cool as this one. Truly custom piece. I found it rather accidentally. CPF forumite posted a question regarding another TnC 5 watter on eBay, and the moment I saw it, I knew I've had to have it. I did have some questions regarding the light, and Chris(TnC) was more than helpful and patient answering them and providing extra info. Which I really appreciate.
    Currently, TnC produces 2 different models of flashlights, small and large, and there's new model coming sometimes soon. Basic models come in single color, red, blue and black, but after seeing splash ano, I decided that was it. Check out another pic here.


 - Lux-Star body is made of aluminum, just like many other flashlights out there. What makes it special is the design and craftsmanship. I simply love it. Though, it's too cute to put it in the trunk or stash it somewhere in garage. However, make no mistake, it is no toy. While being tad shorter than standard 3D cell maglite, its walls are thicker, and overall it is a sturdy piece of metal. Originally it was made for LEOs, so you can easily guess it could serve as a button too, if necessary.
    The body and the head have deep groves milled in as you can see on the picture. On top of that there are very fine grooves all over the body to improve the grip even further. Blaster V has similar fine grooving. In short very unlikely that you'll ever have slippage problems with this flashlight.
    Lux-Star uses rocker switch. I personally like the switch, however this switch is considered sort of weak link, by those who care about flashlight's water resistance. To be precise, if not the rocker switch, Lux-Star would've been waterproof up to 50ft. For now that is no concern to me, but if you intend to use your flashlight for diving, or simply enjoy dropping them into ponds this isn't the one.


 - Based on some thread on CPF somehow I was expecting the beam to be somewhat dim. I was very glad to find out that my expectations were wrong. Well, they were exceeded by margin ;) The beam is first of all very white. It also has a nice tight, bright spot and lots of sidespill. Although, there is dimmer ring around the center spot, and then another brighter ring around the dim. Apparently that is related to the optics used. I've examined the optics, it is something else than 30mm optical unit used in Blaster V another larger flashlights.
    Later once brighter, and longer running 5 watt LEDs are available I am planning to replace current LED unit in Lux-Star, but that's rather that quest for perfection than the necessity. As is, Lux-Star produces plenty of light for the flashlight of its caliber. Definitely outshines comparable incandescents and runs longer too. Speaking of runtime, as TnC website states Lux-Star uses 3 C cells, however mine uses 4 CR123 photo cells, which is achieved by using adapter tube. And even better news is that TnC is going to produce rechargeable unit for this flashlight sometimes this summer(2003). Overall I like this light a lot, and will get it in more colors for sure :)

TnC Lux Star 5W TnC Lux Star 5W, Hyper Lux V, Hyper Lux I Lux Star 5W Head Assembly

Last updated - 05/06/19